About Us

Elk Meadow Farm, established Dec. 24th, 2008 co-owned by Michael L. Robison and Denice M. Moffat.

Our philosophy : We use compost (composted here on the farm), composted natural manures; horse, rabbit, chicken, duck, and a variety of green manure cover crops, crop rotation, natural mulches, crop diversity, and careful varietal selection (No GMO’s). All of the plants we produce are sold locally. Building relationships with our customers and the greater community is a core goal. We intend to always treat you with respect and provide honest answers to your questions. With a firm belief that good, wholesome (unprocessed) food should be available to everyone in our community we provide produce to local food banks and the senior citizen food programs.

Our Location: We are in a Zone 5 growing area located in Latah County, 3 miles from Deary, Idaho, 20.5 miles from Moscow, Idaho just off Elk Meadow Lane (off Pleasant Hill Road, off Gun Club Road, off Hwy 8 on 40 acres of mostly forested land.

Our Growing Practices:

  • We use no synthetic chemical pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or fertilizers on our crops. We do use wasp and hornet spray though! Wasps and hornets can become a bit overwhelming on our farm in this forest environment.
  • We use alfalfa meal, kelp meal, greensand, bloodmeal, dolomite lime, wood ashes, straw, leaves and  ground up egg shells as amendments along with horse, chicken and duck bedding.
  • We purchase organic grown and open pollinated seeds when available and do not use genetically modified seeds (GMO’s).
  • We pamper the animals and birds we raise; using no hormones or antibiotic-laced feed.
  • We practice crop rotation and plant a wonderful variety of flowers, shrubs and trees to attract natural and beneficial insects.
  • We field wash harvested crops usually 2 to 3 times using potable well water.
  • We are commited to pass on this land and surrounding environment in an even better condition than we received it.
  • We grow this way because we care about what we eat, our own health and the health everyone around us.

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